El. Roštilj 70×73 sa hromiranom ravno/rebrastom pločom

The cooking plate with rounded front corners in smooth steel, with polished or solid chrome finish, has a thickness of 15 mm.
Teflon cap (as option) easy to remove to facilitate the claning operations and the discharge of grease into a removable stainless steel basin with capacity up to 2 liters. In 70 cm models it’s possible to differentiate cooking thanks to independent gas burners/electric heating elements.
The chrome finishing allows to cook different foods in succession without the risk of transferring smells and flavors, thus avoiding having to clean the griddle plate between different cooking. More then facilitating cleaning operations, the chrome finishing is characterized by lower dispersion of heat, making the working environment more comfortable.


Zapremina (m3) 0,3
Težina (kg) 75
Spoljne dimenzije - ŠxDxV (cm) 70x73x25
Snabdevanje (N) 400V 3N 50/60Hz
Snaga (kW) 5+5=10
Dimenzije radne ploče(cm) 63x54